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Silver Zodiac Starsign Pendant Workshop


Sunday 21st April 2024



Clay Half

55 Murray Street


DD10 8JZ

This class is suitable for those who are new to jewellery making and would like to try something new. Jewellery designer and teacher, Sheila Roussel will introduce you to some basic techniques in an informal workshop.

At this beginners' jewellery workshop, you will learn some jewellery making techniques including soldering, filing and wire wrapping. The small group numbers will enable you to have lots of hands-on tutoring and guidance throughout the workshop and finish with your star sign pendant you will be proud of.

You will start by using a small blow torch to melt silver into a nugget, then you'll use hammers to shape your nugget and apply your star sign punch to the surface.

You'll also learn how to solder a jump ring and use wire wrapping to attach a coloured bead of your choice to correspond to your birth sign.

Throughout the workshop you'll be shown and guided how to use the pliers, hammers, files and other tools safely.

The £60 fee includes the use of all tools, equipment and metals you'll need for the workshop.

You will be supplied with 2 grams of sterling silver, silver wire, a small coloured glass/semi-precious bead to correspond to your required birth stone and a sterling silver chain.

Light refreshments are included.

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